High Quality Vanilla : What Is Organic Vanilla Beans ? The definition of organic Vanilla beans, can be described simply as a product produced from agricultural cultivation without application of fertilizer or chemical drugs. Where the organicity later to test these products will be carried out field inspection and certification process as a product intended organicity legality.

High Quality Vanilla Beans

What is high quality vanilla? Began looking for organic products by consumers as the awareness of the dangers of drug residues or chemical fertilizers for agriculture to human health contained in the products of daily consumption (Health). In addition, due to resulting from the use of chemical fertilizers or continuously where it can damage the soil structure may also lead to start the shift towards the cultivation of organic products (Nature Conservation & the Environment).

It is not easy to switch to the cultivation of organic agriculture, it is especially true in an agricultural land which was initially highly dependent on fertilizer or chemical drugs. Initial impact will be felt is the decrease of agricultural production due to recovery of damage soil structure that has happened before. But over time the results of agricultural production will rise again.

Incidentally the author had the opportunity to follow the presentation of SRI Paddy Rice plant thoroughly and Managing Land for Bio Reactor last year, is very attractive, the ground is the actual bio reactor rich in organic matter, microorganisms and plankton: The use of fertilizers and chemical drugs are kept again it will make the soil become infertile due to the demise of these microbes.

Organic Vanilla Farming ConstraintsAn interesting journal of the author obtained Export Promotion of Organic Products From Africa, the journal was called The Natural Vanilla Markets with special attention for the Organic segment. Vanilla cultivation is organic yet optimally developed at this time, when in fact the plant species nicknamed the Green Gold is not very difficult to be cultivated organically (without Fertilizer & Chemical Medicine).

High Quality Pure Vanilla Extract in Indonesia

What country has the best vanilla extract?

In Indonesia is not a lot of farmers who developed organically Vanilla plants. They still use chemical pesticides when they are exposed to plants or insects caterpillars attack, in which the actual use of herbs as organic pesticides can be used to overcome this problem if the farmers want to get started.Vulnerability in the development of this cultivation is actually only on stem rot disease of plants susceptible to attack at the age of less than 1.5 years.

But even this exposure actually can be overcome by planting seeds of plants originating from stem rot disease-free and make the cultivation of Vanilla is good and right to avoid the disease. In addition, organic technology in order to overcome the attacks stem rot disease has also been present among other works Putra Bangsa Indonesia Best of FOB & Bio Bio of Dr. TRIBA. Ir. Mesak Tombe.It is not easy to obtain Vanilla Plant Seed, which is free from disease Bug Bar. Yet it is the easier way to handle vulnerability Rotten Trunk Disease by Plant Cultivation Vanilla is good and right.

Inshallah where Vanilla planifolia plant species in plantations We currently are derived from a plant that is free from stem rot disease and can be found resistant to diseases that many feared by the Vanilla farmers. In addition to the interests of conception (of production), Vanilla plant is in place we also intended as a source of seeds (Reproduction) by way Stek supported FOB Bio Technology that can be planted in other areas.Application of Vanilla cultivation is done in organic We use organic fertilizer produced from sheep manure with Bio Technology Bio TRIBA as Composer, God willing, it will not only nourish the soil and plants but minimize the risk of fungal seed  causes stem rot disease.

Best Organic Vanilla Extract Supplier

General Vanilla is a leading vanilla supplier and export vanilla company from Indonesia with more than 10 years of experience. We have supplied to many countries in Asiean & European. We produce high quality of vanilla beans, both Planifolia and Tahitensis types with Grade A, Grade B, Grade C according to your needs. We have several plantations in several locations, located in Java Island, Bali Island, and Lombok Island. Our head office is in Industrial Area of Cikarang.

We provide you three best product that already guaranteed by Standard Nasional Indonesia (SNI) and Laboratory PT Cosmindo (Indonesian Surveyor) regarding our product vanilla content, moisture, and mold.

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We provide High Quality Vanilla Beans from our from our own garden which we guarantee the quality. If you need a supplier of the best quality vanilla from Indonesia. General Vanilla is the answer that is ready to export high quality vanilla beans and high quality pure vanilla extract with number 1 quality.

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