Export Vanilla Beans from Indonesia : How We Pack Our Export. Aesthetics Vanilla? Believe it or not in the end the authors believe that if we decide to make Vanilla cultivation is not only required a sensitive soul but also the aesthetic value of Vanilla! Aesthetics Vanilla? 

With no aesthetic value Vanilla is difficult to create! In addition to factors such as quality of Vanilla plants as a source of fruit, vanillin content, length and water content of fruit, believe it or not, product packaging factors will determine the selling points seems.

Best Vanilla Beans Exporter Packaging

In addition to factors such as quality of Vanilla plants as a source of fruit, vanillin content, length and water content of fruit, believe it or not, product packaging factors will determine the selling points seems! Please advice and input from blog readers as well.

What about the way we own the product packaging dried fruit vanilla export.

So the farmers must also be smart in creating, if such product could be packaged fruits Vanilla with it would be unique would be interesting.

Options specify the author finally handicraft products made from woven materials that are considered quite unique as the fruit box Vanilla

Vanilla Fruit in which the author put in plastic and then packed. The most important part when entering Vanilla fruit into a plastic box and then packaged in a selection of fruit, which are grouped in units of cm length so that the same will be looked beautiful and attractive to consumers of course, remember and remember.

Why we do it ?

Fall java vanilla beans image in the world market compared with madagascar vanilla exports is as a result of the quality and the quality is not uniform. Not only the fruit selection based cm in length the same, selected fruit is fruit that has elastic properties.

After the fruit of Vanilla selected based unit of measure cm in the same length and elastic properties, the next stage is the fruit of Vanilla are included in the plastic next to the weight weighed before packed boxes.

Weighing the other does not aim to obtain the volume Vanilla Dry weight Kg appropriate customer orders. Why we do it ? Because fall Vanilla Indonesia’s image in the world market is as a result of dishonesty in giving consumers the product ordered.

After a whole series of this process is completed Vanilla dried fruit was ready to ship to consumers. Go Organic Agriculture Business Indonesia.

For information, each the size of the fruit weight of 300 grams Dried Organic Vanilla We boxed, length about 18 cm in a plastic package is made up of 90 sd 100 Vanilla Stick, then each weight 300 grams Dried fruit Organic Vanilla that we are packing, length about 15 cm in a plastic package is comprised of 120 sd 130 Vanilla Stick.

Okay we are the vanilla bean exporter, but that does not mean we can not attempt to become a farmer where quality characterized false them is concern about packaging and hygiene products.

You Are vanilla Importers ? How to Store Vanilla Beans After the Packaging Opened

  1. Open the plastic seal vacuum packaging on arrival, store the vanilla bean pod to a container with closed lid containing sugar. The comparison is per 100 grams of vanilla beans in 250 grams of sugar.
  2. Place the jar in a dry location and protected from direct sunlight, such as kitchen cabinet or closet. Do not place the vanilla bean into the refrigerator due to humid conditions has the potential to make vanilla bean mildew.
  3. Vanilla bean pod which had expelled its contents can still be used as an intravenous infusion of aromas and should not be thrown in which is placed back in the jar containing the separate sugar to create vanilla sugar scent.
  4. The use of plastic zipper can also be used as a storage vanilla bean, store and place it in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Open plastic zipper once every 2 months for air circulation. Vanilla Bean that is treated with good storage techniques will have a durability of up to 2 years, remains flavorful, elastic, not dry and broken.

Who Is Best Indonesia Vanilla Beans Exporter ?

General Vanilla is a leading vanilla supplier dan Exporter company from Indonesia with more than 10 years of experience. We have supplied to many countries in Asiean & European. We produce high quality of vanilla beans, both Planifolia and Tahitensis types with Grade A, Grade B, Grade C according to your needs. We have several plantations in several locations, located in Java Island, Bali Island, and Lombok Island. Our head office is in Industrial Area of Cikarang.

Our Product :

We provide High Quality Vanilla Beans from our from our own garden which we guarantee the quality. If you need a supplier of the best quality vanilla from Indonesia. General Vanilla is the Best Export Vanilla Beans from Indonesia that is ready to export high quality vanilla beans and high quality pure vanilla extract with number 1 quality with competitive vanilla export price.


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