Best Vanilla Supplier in Indonesia. Vanilla, vanilla and vanilla, so people, especially housewives who like to cook, chef or actors in the field of bakery and pastry many call it, kind of taste is smell in the original form that is not really another form of long-sized fruit, colored black, elastic and oily and aromatic fragrance of course. 

Is the Aztecs in the jungle of Mexico around the 15th century who first discovered the benefits of this fruit as a scent rather than taste, the Aztecs made the fruit of the vanilla to the chocolate fragrance in every ritual culture that they did initially, the fruit of the vanilla bean sliced crosswise and then taken part them as flavorings. Part in the vanilla bean seeds also called Vanilla or Vanilla Seed Caviar.

Vanilla plants grow wild and not cultivated when first discovered by the Aztecs in Mexico, until the plant eventually caught the attention of the Europeans to develop it, especially after examination when the fruit of this plant was loaded with benefits, not just for the fragrance in the chocolate drink but it can also for a flavor enhancer in foods, cosmetics raw material mixture and also drugs. An interesting information from the site, home beauty products Natural Vanilla Facial Treatment form which can be made with raw materials in the form of Vanilla Bean and Coconut.

The vanilla fruit freshly picked from the plant is still green with a shape resembling beans, and only after the fruit is dried to a specific technique that will change color to black and the aroma are increasingly emerging as well as the seeds are ready for use. The fruit is known as natural vanilla Vanilla Bean or Vanilla Pod, in Indonesia that has been dried fruit vanilla is often referred to as Vanilla or Vanilla Dry Bar.

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In export Vanilla Local markets were not left behind from various circles, ranging from a housewife, chef / restaurant cooks up bread and cake industry. Knowledge related to use of writers get real Vanilla Bean is indeed much more efficient than the use of Vanilla Extracts, no problems so far in terms of price to end users for quality production is supported.

The first step that must be done in assessing the quality of fruit Vanilla is a way to feel flexibility than the physical appearance and color. Vanilla is good fruit will be slightly blackish brown, remove peculiar smell of Vanilla and oily. Vanilla is good fruit will not break when wrapped around the thumb and We will come back straight as before. This indicates the water content of fruits Vanilla is in the ideal limit. Some derivative products that can be generated from the vanilla bean, among others, vanilla powder, vanilla extract and vanilla sugar.

For information we are best vanilla extract suppliers in Indonesia Vanilla Powder, vanilla fruit derived products are actually derived from the vanilla bean is processed into powder form again with the help of blender.

The goal is to provide convenience for the wearer by mixing them directly as raw materials or drink the correct amount of cake recipes that exist. Some home-based industries and also ice cream cafe even Vanilla Powder dispensing back into the various flavors, with strawberry powder for example, coffee and cocoa powder.

The original vanilla powder is blackish brown and soft-scented, unlike factory-made vanilla powder that smells and taste bitter sting on the tongue when tasted on due to the chemical mixture. Not only for raw materials cakes or drinks, vanilla powder can also be used as a herb mixture to a beauty treatment spa therapies skin, usually vanilla powder will be mixed with other natural ingredients such as Ginger, Cinnamon, Honey and Milk.

Vanilla Extract, vanilla bean derived products are probably already known by the women or housewives who like to bake or cook, including among those who engaged in bakery and pastry, but not many people know when the real vanilla extract is made based vanilla bean cut into small pieces has been mixed with alcohol as part of the fermentation process so that the smell persists even when the sting has been the liquid form.

We need at least a mixture of alcohol with a limit not exceeding 35% levels to make these products vanilla extract! for We the Muslims should be considered for use vanilla extract these products, although in terms of price is relatively more skewed than the vanilla bean and powder.

The purpose of making vanilla extract products was initially in order to conserve the use of raw materials are expensive vanilla bean vanilla extract so that products can be sold at lower prices and a scale that much, but when talking saving the time of use instead of vanilla or vanilla bean to bar is much more efficient than vanilla extract.

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General Vanilla is a leading vanilla supplier company from Indonesia with more than 10 years of experience. We have vanilla beans supplier to many countries in Asiean & European. We produce high quality of vanilla beans, both Planifolia and Tahitensis types with Grade A, Grade B, Grade C according to your needs. We have several plantations in several locations, located in Java Island, Bali Island, and Lombok Island. Our head office is in Industrial Area of Cikarang.

For information we are best vanilla extract suppliers and vanilla bean distributor in Indonesia with advanced vanilla extract manufacturers to maintain product quality.

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